The vineyards that the mountain protects

La Serra d'Almos

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Technical data

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Route description

Not everyone knows that the renowned Montsant wine designation of origin, in addition to Priorat towns, also includes two villages on the Ribera d’Ebre: Darmós and the Serra d’Almos. The name of the latter is not misleading, it is located at the foot of Les Moles and the Montalt mountain range. It seems that its origin is in the settlers who settled around the old hermitage of Sant Domènec. Later, the population grew along the road that connects the neighboring town of Darmós with Tivissa the head of the municipality.

The excursion delves into the interesting agricultural landscape at the foot of the Tivissa mountains. At the same time, it can be a good excuse to check the reputation of the wines and oils that come out of these fields. Also famous are the collection cakes, sweet cakes and artisanal pastries that are made there and that help to make life a little sweeter.

The route leaves the village on the TV-3031 road towards Tivissa and immediately leaves it to go up to the cemetery and continue, briefly, along the (paved) road to Darmós. Leave to go down the Serres road, on the left. You cross the ravine of the same name and go up until you reach the paved road that runs along the top of Les Planes. Follow for a while, downhill, to leave it and go down to visit the fields of the Cabrera plain.

Take the paved main road again and continue up until you reach the Tivissa road. Go left for a while, until you find the path on the right that leads to the Racó de l’Heura, right at the foot of the mountain range. A forest path leads to the Cabdà farmhouse and from there to the impressive Alerany farmhouse, at the gates of the village.

The farmhouse dates from the 15th century and has an architecture also designed for defense. During the Battle of the Ebro, it was used as a blood hospital where the wounded at the front were treated. At the time of flowering, the surrounding cherry orchards turn the place into a setting of fantasy and beauty that erases human misery.

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Circular route with departure and arrival in the village in the Sierra de Almos. Despite the slight difference in level, some climbs can be heavy for children and unaccustomed people. Asphalt sections are combined with dirt roads. The route is not signposted but georeferenced so you can follow it on your mobile or with a GPS.

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