The red sweets of La Ribera

Benissanet and Miravet

Technical data

Technical data

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Route information

Route description

These had been the domains of the military order of the Temple of Jerusalem. The imposing castle of Miravet, the most important of the Templars in the West, recalls the extraordinary power that these warrior monks came to have. Now, however, these are the domains of Miravet’s famous cherries and Benissanet’s peaches and nectarines. Approximately 40% of the cherries produced in Catalonia come from Miravet. A fair dedicated to this irresistible sweet fruit is held in June, selling the best harvests and tastings of desserts and sweets made with traditional recipes and new chefs. In Benissanet, the cultivation of the early and high quality variety of alberge peach stands out. The skin is a bright red color, as if it were no less than its neighbors, the cherries. Its flesh is yellow, with a very juicy and sweet pulp due to its high sugar content. From these fields, the farmers of La Ribera contribute to making the world a little sweeter.

The route starts from Plaça Catalunya in Benissanet, along Carrer de Móra, the old path of Móra, also known as the Camí de les Sénies. Later, the route turns 90o to the left and climbs towards the mountain. Be very careful when crossing the T-324. Continue up to the foot of the mountain range. The views over the Plans and the crops are magnificent. The route turns in a south-westerly direction and, later on, ends in a south-easterly direction to find the Bassa Nova path and recover in a westerly direction. You go up a small hill between forest and crops (the most demanding part of the route) and, after a short turn in a south-easterly direction, go down until you reach Miravet.

You cross the lower part of the town and go out to Plaça de l’Arenal, in front of the majestic Ebro, which at this point turns to lick the houses of Miravet. This is, without a doubt, one of the most emblematic points of the Ribera d’Ebre. Continue along the Camí de les Illetes to go out to the Canterers suburb. Follow the road towards Benissanet and, with great caution, turn left to take the Camí dels Aubals. Turn quickly right at the first crossroads and continue in a northeasterly direction. You cross the Lligallo ravine and then turn left to go out again on the Bassa Nova path. Just follow it to get, first to the road and then to Benissanet.

Map and tracks


Recommended map


Circular route with departure and arrival in the village of Benissanet. Despite the slight difference in level, some climbs can be heavy for children and unaccustomed people. Asphalt roads are combined with some stretches of land. The route is not signposted but georeferenced so you can follow it on your mobile or with a GPS.

To be able to follow the route correctly, you need to download the track. Only the part of the route that coincides with the Camí de l’Ebre is signposted.

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