The meandering peaches


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Technical data

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Although few know it, Flix maintains a sweet bond with ancient Persia and the Far East through its Prunus persica; that is, through their peaches. According to botanists this fruit comes from Persia, China and Asia. There, in the past, peaches were especially valued and gave rise to many legends. In China they believed that it was a mystical fruit, that it gave longevity to those who ate it and that, for this reason, it was food for the immortals. To celebrate, they say that these beings celebrate every six thousand years the Pantao Hui or “the festival of peaches”.

During the flowering season, as you cross the fruit fields of the Ribera, it is easy to evoke Japan and its culture. There they explain that Momotarô, one of the most important heroes of the land of the rising sun, was born from the inside of a peach that was floating down a river. Interestingly, the fields of peach trees that cross during the route grow on an ancient abandoned meander of the river Ebro.

The tour begins at Flix, on the other side of the boat. Although it is more advisable to cross the river with this traditional system, it can also be reached by vehicle, following the Camino de la Barca, which runs around the perimeter of the meander and exits the C-233 road. The route begins precisely by following this path. After nothing you find a fork and go to the right, following the path of Vinebre. Not far away, past the Pla de l’Ini farmhouse, turn left to take the Camí de les Planes, which, overcoming a small drop, leads to extensive orchards.

Later you leave this path to go south and cross the plain of the Oriol. Follow for a while at the foot of the Sierra de les Planes and then the route draws a loop between the fields and finally go to the foot of the eastern end of the Sierra de Montvià. Continue between fields until you reach the Camino de la Barca. You cross and, just in front, you continue along the path that descends, in a very pronounced way, to the Vingalis pumping station, next to the river. From here we continue along the pleasant path of the Aumaec, in the company of the Ebro following the direction of its waters, to return to the boat crossing.

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Circular route with departure and arrival in the village of Flix. An especially attractive proposal during the time of flowering of fruit trees. The small slope and distance make it recommended for families. The route can be followed with a mobile phone or a GPS by downloading the georeferenced file.

In order to follow the route correctly, the track must be unloaded, although the path is marked in the first section as GR-99 / Camí de Sirga. The last section of the route coincides with the meandering route.

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