La Torre de l’Espanyol

Technical data

Technical data

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June 26, 2019 will be a difficult day for many people in the Ribera d’Ebre. The fire that was declared was one of the most virulent in Catalonia in the last decade; more than five thousand hectares burned. It took four days of hard work to control it and eleven days to shut it down permanently.

Experts warn that climate change and the rural exodus have created conditions for fires of unprecedented proportions. According to them, the only way to deal with it is to recover the mosaic of crops and forests that we had in the past and, as citizens and consumers, to support local producers. The proposed excursion is a great opportunity to check the firewall effect that some crops had in the Sierra del Rovelló and, at the same time, see how nature sprouts again to, in spite of everything, recover the life that the fire reaped.

From the square of Dr. Juan Benigno, take Carrer de Cabacés in a northerly direction. At the top, turn left to cross the T-714. Immediately turn right and continue north along the old path of Cabacés. Later it is left to continue along the Palma d’Ebre. You go down to cross the ravine of the Tower and begin the ascent to the mountains. Halfway up, take the Camí dels Faquims on the right.

Practically at the top of the mountain range, turn left, heading west, following the old road from Vinebre to Cabacés. You reach the crossroads of Quatre camins and continue on the straight line that follows the upper part of the Sierra de les Canta-ranes. The views over the Ribera and the village are magnificent. Continue until you go around the hill of La Bruixeta, where a rapid descent begins. After a short break, turn right towards the Torre de l’Espanyol. You cross the Torre ravine again and go up to the village following the path of the Sundays.

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Circular route with departure and arrival in the village of Torre de l’Espanyol. A very attractive proposal, especially at the time of flowering due to the landscapes that can be seen. However, the slope that does not make it recommended for beginners or children. Instead, it is perfect for electric bikes. Paved sections are combined with dirt roads. The route can be followed with a mobile phone or a GPS by downloading the georeferenced file.

To be able to follow the route correctly, you need to download the track. On this route, the path is signposted for much of the route.

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