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Technical data

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The great rivers are the result of many hydrographic generosities. In other words, without the rest of the rivers that join with their waters, they would be very small. The orography is in charge of favoring the encounters and the climate and the rains, of the final result. At the end of the Ebro, the great river meets the waters of the Siurana, which rises in the Prades Mountains. After crossing the Priorat and collecting the waters of Montsant and Cortiella, it reaches the Ebro just where the inhabitants of Garcia decided to build their village. If being on the side of a river brings advantages, they must think that it is much better to live next to two.

Now, however, it is very difficult for Siurana to find the Ebro. Since 1930, a concession has made it possible to divert much of its water to the Riudecanyes reservoir, through a tunnel under the mountains. Climate change is leading us to a more arid climate and the voices of experts are increasingly increasing who stress the importance of keeping rivers and their ecosystems alive.

The proposed excursion is a very interesting walk along the slopes of the final stretch of the Siurana and the fields that are cultivated there. From the entrance to Garcia, look for the old road to Móra la Nova and the old bridge. Then go up the valley following the track of Les Planes. This gives access to the different gravel pits that take advantage of the gravels of the river. After the last one, you leave the asphalt, cross the Raora ravine and start climbing the slopes cultivated with vineyards, following the Camí de les Sorts.

You reach a point where you leave the path that goes up and continue to the left, to go past a large irrigation pond. You go down to cross the ravine of Les Sorts and then go back following the path of Mas de Baix, to go out on the T-734 road. Continue downhill, cross the Siurana over the elegant Riera bridge and take the first turning on the left. We return to the other side of the valley, following the path from Mas de Poldo to La Riera. The most obvious path has a private stretch. You can avoid making a detour, going up to the Panxó farmhouse and rediscovering the path near the Poldo farmhouse. You pass next to the farmhouse and continue down the path of Les Planes. Always by the river, you reach Garcia again.

Map and tracks


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Circular route with departure and arrival in the village of Garcia. Short excursion but with some climbs not recommended for beginners or children. Most of it runs on dirt roads. The route is not signposted but georeferenced so you can follow it on your mobile or with a GPS.

To be able to follow the route correctly, you need to download the track.

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