The saint who bathed in the Ebro

It has always been advisable to maintain good relations with the saints, especially if they are to be diligent in their good work as mediators with those above. When they forgot to turn on the tap for too long, the men and women went to Santa Magdalena with prayers asking for help. In order for […]

The peace of the Ebro

Few things are as majestic as contemplating the calm, calm traffic of millions of cubic meters of water. Everyone knows the terrible power of water. So being able to watch it run placidly, peacefully, giving away life, is a delightful spectacle. There are many who could spend hours and hours watching him. Like fire, the […]

Peaks with stars

How come there are mountains that are more than mountains? Because humans are symbolic animals. To order the world and communicate, we package and compress meanings into artifacts that can only be opened by those with access keys. That is, we create symbols, seemingly simple elements, but which are full of meaning for those who share the codes. Thus, a mountain that for many could go unnoticed, for others, is part of their lives and their identity.