Among ancient towers, lords and heroic farmers

Alboçalaz was the name of the Saracen owner of the tower that in the 12th century was built on the other side of the Ebro, in front of the castle of Ascó. The great river had already seen the arrival of the Iberians, Roman Phoenicians and Visigoths. He was now witnessing the new conquests of […]

The memory of the river

The Ebro, like all great rivers, was hyperactive. A few years ago I didn’t stop still carrying sediment now here, now there. As soon as he left them on one side and built a galatxo, as with the next flood, he dismantled it and sent it to the sea, to make the Delta grow. People […]

The smells of the stones

Perhaps because it is full of history (cave paintings, Iberian treasures, Roman sites, etc.), Tivissa has always shown a certain sense of capitalism. For centuries it has played a prominent role as a commercial and agricultural center in this part of La Ribera, which explains the extensive network of roads that connected it with the […]

Balsamic horizons

What are the horizons we like so much to contemplate? The most modern neurological studies ensure that natural environments have profound restorative effects on our well-being. According to experts, a natural environment must have three fundamental elements in order to fully exert the rebalancing effect on us: it must help us to have the feeling […]

The colonel’s eyes

Good walkers are well aware that the Cardó mountain range offers beautiful horizons over the Terres de l’Ebre. At the northern end of the massif, when the mountain range descends towards the gentle plains of the Móra basin, there is a point that has a special meaning, and not precisely because of the beauty that […]

Following in the footsteps of the Knights Templar

It was mid-November 1308 and the Templars of Miravet had been resisting the siege of the royal troops for almost a year. In December 1307, James II had ordered the arrest of all those in his kingdom accused of heresy. The Catalan monarch had decided to take advantage of the defeat of the Order of […]

The river of life

Other eyes have seen the Ebro from up here. What must this territory have been like during the first Iron Age? What was going through the minds of the inhabitants who sat on top of the hill of Sebes when they beheld the majestic river? The lives of those ancestors must not have been idyllic, […]

The most hidden Ebro

Ibrahim was only ten years old, but for some time his father had entrusted him with the responsibility of grazing the small herd of goats that the family had. They lived in the small farmhouse of Muràbit, located on cliffs that fell on the river. Sailors found it at the exit of the mountain pass […]

The mountain that narrows the Ebro

“The river had started to grow at midnight, and at dawn, when I woke up, I could already hear it snoring like a beast. I felt a restlessness that kept me from closing my eyes. We had to travel to Móra that morning, and the lute, loaded with twenty tons of lignite, had been ready […]