Hiking Routes

The saint who bathed in the Ebro

From Garcia to the hermitage of Santa Magdalena

9.5 Km

380 m


Among ancient towers, lords and heroic farmers

From the Torre de l’Espanyol to the hermitage of Sant Antoni, in La Mina, ascent to the Tormo and return along the Camino Real de Garcia

9.5 Km

500 m


The memory of the river

A walk along the Ebro between the fields and farmhouses of Móra la Nova

4.8 Km

16 m


The smells of the stones

From Tivissa to the hermitage of Sant Blai, La Tossa and back along La Llena

6.9 Km

660 m


Balsamic horizons

From Llaberia to Portell, at the top of La Miranda and back through the Colivassos pass

6 Km

264 m


The colonel’s eyes

From Rasquera to the Coll de Pins and the Lister observatory; return through the hermitage of Santo Domingo

5 Km

315 m


Following in the footsteps of the Knights Templar

A walk around the Templar castle of Miravet

2 Km

100 m


The peace of the Ebro

A walk along the edge of the Flix meander

6.8 Km

20 m


The river of life

A walk through the Sebes nature reserve, on the banks of the Ebro, in front of Flix

5.3 Km

100 m


The most hidden Ebro

A walk through the Mallades and the Barrufemes gorge

5.1 Km

200 m


The mountain that narrows the Ebro

Ascent to the Àliga peak from the hermitage of Santa Paulina, descent to the Pas de l’Ase path and return through the Barbers ravine

8.45 Km

450 m


Peaks with stars

From the hermitage of Sant Jeroni to the top of La Picossa in Móra d’Ebre

3.5 Km

229 m