Mora d’Ebre – Miravet – Horta de Sant Joan

1st Stage. Between Rivers

Technical data

Technical data

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The capital of the Ribera d’Ebre is a good place to start the route. From the remains of his castle there is an extensive and grateful panorama of the river, Móra la Nova and the nearby towns. The route to the next town, Benissanet, is made following agricultural paths, between fruit fields. Then you cross plantations of the famous Miravet cherries to reach this town. Miravet is pure scenery, with a historical past linked to the order of the warrior monks of the Temple of which its spectacular castle is a strong testimony. Needless to say, it’s worth spending some time visiting it.

The route crosses the old town and leaves the coast of the Riago, the old cobbled path that connects with the river. Below is the Strait of Barrufemes. One of the main gorges of the river in its lower stretch. At the end of a large citrus grove is the old Barrufemes road. This is the most difficult point of the route. Landslides have damaged the road and you have to get off the bike at some points. To make up for it, the scenery is captivating like few others.

Shortly before reaching Benifallet, take the C-12 road. It is necessary to do a little more than three kilometers along the sidewalk until you find the connection that allows you to connect with the Baix Ebre Greenway and Terra Alta, right where the Benifallet station is. This is the old railway line of the Val de Zafán, basically designed to connect Aragon with the sea and to be able to export its wheat. Its route follows the Canaletes river in many sections and offers high quality mountain landscapes, in an environment where nature and fields are combined. The gentle slope of the old train platform allows you to easily overcome the difference in level, passing by Bot, and up to Horta de Sant Joan, at the foot of the impressive Ports massif.

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