Flix – Ascó – Pas de l’Ase (Garcia) – Móra

4th Stage. Between Rivers

Technical data

Technical data

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The last stage is the shortest, designed to make the return trip. However, it has captivating attractions. It starts by crossing the river by the boat pass of Flix, one of the last of the lower section of the Ebro. The route leads to Vinebre and immediately crosses Ascó. Continue along the right bank to find one of the last sections of the traditional paths that followed the Ebro, a real treasure. This is the Donkey Pass, the horseshoe path that saves this narrowness of the river between mountains. For a few meters, you have to get off the bike and walk, but the place has a huge force reminiscent of the past of these territories.
Once you have passed the pass, all you have to do is follow the quiet agricultural path that follows the right bank. It is time to enjoy the last kilometers, enjoying the view over the fields and the riparian forest, while cycling along the great river Ebro, the Roman Iberus that gave its name to the whole Peninsula. In fact, the name seems to come from the Basque words ibar (‘river bank’ or ‘river bank’) and ibai (‘river’). You can reach Mora by its pleasant river promenade.

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