Faió – Mequinensa – Flix

3rd Stage. Between Rivers

Technical data

Technical data

Route description

The waters of the reservoir not only denied the village, but also made the roads that followed the Ebro on both sides disappear. This means that, in order to reach Mequinenza, the route must be climbed to the top of the plateau and then lowered again. This is the section of the route where it is more important to be able to follow the route with a GPS. At the top of the route you cross large orchards, not always following obvious routes. These fields, however, give rise to fantasy landscapes in autumn, and especially during flowering in spring.

When arriving near Mas Borbó, you must decide on the descent option. The route looks for an old horseshoe path, which descends quickly down the slope, to find the track that follows the outline of the reservoir. This is a very interesting path but also technically very demanding. The most convenient option is to follow the A-1411 road to Mequinenza.

From Mequinenza you cross the reservoir to find the path that follows the left slope and that will look for the Aiguamoll ravine to start climbing towards the village of Almatret. It is a road that connected several mining operations in its lower part and that completely changes the landscape above when the cereal fields arrive.

From Almatret, look for the slopes of the plateau at the tip of the Escambrons. Again you have to decide between two download options. The GR 99 Route follows very technically demanding old horseshoe paths. Shortly before arriving, there is a forest track, which leads to the Riba-roja bridge, where you will find the other route. From here you always follow the left bank of the river along very pleasant agricultural paths that lead to the attractive Sebes Nature Reserve, known especially for its colony of storks. After crossing it, you arrive peacefully at Flix.

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