The memory of the river

The Ebro, like all great rivers, was hyperactive. A few years ago I didn’t stop still carrying sediment now here, now there. As soon as he left them on one side and built a galatxo, as with the next flood, he dismantled it and sent it to the sea, to make the Delta grow. People […]

The colonel’s eyes

Good walkers are well aware that the Cardó mountain range offers beautiful horizons over the Terres de l’Ebre. At the northern end of the massif, when the mountain range descends towards the gentle plains of the Móra basin, there is a point that has a special meaning, and not precisely because of the beauty that […]

Following in the footsteps of the Knights Templar

It was mid-November 1308 and the Templars of Miravet had been resisting the siege of the royal troops for almost a year. In December 1307, James II had ordered the arrest of all those in his kingdom accused of heresy. The Catalan monarch had decided to take advantage of the defeat of the Order of […]

Peaks with stars

How come there are mountains that are more than mountains? Because humans are symbolic animals. To order the world and communicate, we package and compress meanings into artifacts that can only be opened by those with access keys. That is, we create symbols, seemingly simple elements, but which are full of meaning for those who share the codes. Thus, a mountain that for many could go unnoticed, for others, is part of their lives and their identity.