Viewpoint and bell tower of the old town of Faió

The viewpoint of the Ermita del Pilar offers impressive panoramic views of the Riba-roja reservoir, the mouth of the Matarranya and the tower of the parish church of the old town of Faió. This bell tower dates from the late 16th century and emerges from the waters as the only evidence of the drama experienced by its neighbors in 1967. The Civil Guard occupied the town and the village rose with signs of war. The men were beaten and took refuge in their homes, while the women of Faió, began to light bonfires at the mouths of the streets preventing the passage of machines and trucks. There was nothing to do. Old Faió and centuries of history were submerged on November 21. Four days before, the Francoist authorities ordered the floodgates of the Riba-roja reservoir to be closed and those of Mequinensa to be opened.